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Dues are to be paid by March 31, 2024  
Price is $15 for single dues, $25 for family dues

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Starr and Tyne

"Honeys Valkyrie Starr Sapphire, OA,OAJ,AXP,AJP,CA,BCAT,CGC,TKN" Completed her Excellent Standard Agility Preferred Title at YABTC Agility Trial on 3-15-24.  Owned & Bred by Tyne Horvath, Honey Weimaraners.

Member Pages

Claudia von Ostwalden and Rae Reinhart

Visit to see some beautiful Belgian Sheepdogs doing agility work.

Tyne Horvath and Honey Weimaraners

Visit to see Tyne and her Honey Weimaraner's site.

Jim Henshaw and Jessica Ricker
Bluerune Leonbergers

Visit to see our wonderful Leonbergers.



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(9-11-60 to 9-29-16) 
& Kyleewood Beagles

Theresa joined MSKC in 1991, was a Breeder, Trainer of Champion & Obedience Titled Beagles. For many years she worked for the Club performing Public Education duties. She organized numerous Dog Demonstrations at our Annual Dog Shows, to increase public awareness of various Canine abilities & activities. Gracie, a beagle she owned & trained, starred in a PBS School Television Series in 1993 called "Secrets of Sherlock". This enabled her & Gracie to do numerous school & public appearances promoting Responsible Dog Ownership. More recently she designed & managed this Kennel Club Website besides her own Kyleewood Website & Dog Training Profession. Theresa, you will be GREATLY MISSED! Rest in PEACE!!! 

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